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Goundamani Senthil Petromax Light Comedy
Indie. Kraj gdzie w służbie czynnej pozostaje największa liczba lamp ciśnieniowych. Bollywood lubi takie motywy, więc trafiła nam się nawet komedia w temacie Smile

"The smell, you know that gasoline smell, the whole hill. Smelled like … victory"
Petromax comedy

"1st Man (sitting) - Just let me polish this Petromax before I light it. Petromax is lovely, lovely is Petromax, I love you Petromax

2nd Man (standing) - Eh, what?

1M - Yes! These are the brightest lanterns in the world, these are. See that? 500 cp that is, Tosh. Burns anything...

2M - You're talking shite again!

1M - I'm not talking shite...

2M (agitated) - Yes you are, man, total shite!

1M - Ah, I see where this is going! Next you'll be telling me that Tilley is better than Petromax. Just look at that beautiful mantle...

2M - (high) Eh?

1M - Soon it will be chucking out 500cp...

2M - (higher) Eh?

1M - It's beautiful, so tender and soft - like a baby's bum...

2M - (higher still) Eh?

1M - A work of art, a thing of beauty...

2M - It's crap I tell you, look, it's even started to go black already (grabs it) there, it was crap like I said, Indian Black Mantle Disease. Aaaaiiigugh! There, you need a new mantle, now...

Woman - Hey there, haven't you two got anything better to do?

2M - No!

1M - Hey, back off you, I saw her first! (To W) Would you like to help me polish my hood?

W - Only if we get rid of him - he gives me the creeps! S*d off, you! (2M runs off)

1M - Did you know these burn any fuel?

W - Any fuel?

1M - Yes, Coleman, kero, diesel, chip fat, water...

W - Any fuel! - that's fantastic...

1M - Except that pillock smashed the mantle!

W - Huh?

1M - Now I'll have to go back home and get another one!

W - Aah..."

/to nie jest tłumaczenie tylko interpretacja jakiegoś gościa z CPLa/
Musi być dosyć światła, żeby przy nim widzieć ciemność.

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